Why You Should Take Down Holiday Lights

Why You Shouldn’t Leave Your Holiday Lights Up

If snow and cold have prevented you from taking down your holiday lights, you certainly aren’t alone.

You may even be considering just leaving them up until next year to save yourself some hassle. With programmable “smart lights” that can be set to display various colors throughout the year to match the seasons, the temptation may be even greater.

If you’re thinking about leaving your holiday lights up, think again. There’s one big reason why you shouldn’t leave your holiday lights up.

Holiday Lights Are Not Intended for Year-Round, Outdoor Use.Why You Should Take Down Holiday Lights

It’s really that simple. Holiday lights simply aren’t designed to be left up outside year-round. In fact, many are only intended for about 90 days of use per year.

In time, exposure to the elements can cause cords to dry out and crack. Cracked wires pose a major electrocution risk when touched, and they can also be a huge fire hazard. Is a little bit of convenience really worth risking your family’s safety?

Taking Down Holiday Lights Properly

First and foremost, don’t give into the temptation to stand on the ground and simply pull the cord. Doing this is a good way to cause damage to your roof, and it isn’t the safest option for you either.

For decorations on your roof, you’ll need a sturdy ladder. Make sure not to set it up on ice or a slippery surface. Keep one hand on the ladder at all times, and don’t lean too far to remove the lights.

When possible, it’s always best to take holiday lights down with the help of a friend or family, but if you are tackling the job yourself, you should always take steps to ensure your safety.

While you’re removing your lights, glance at your roof and look for any signs of damage. If you notice anything, contact your Denver roofer right away for roof repair before minor damage turns into a major problem.

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