Spring Roofing Checklist

Spring Roofing Checklist

The days are finally starting to get a little longer, and spring is just around the corner. The winter season is hard on a home, so spring is a good time to check for any problems that may have developed over the last few months.Spring Roofing Checklist

In many cases, the toll winter takes on your roof is minimal, but you would be wise to find – and address – minor problems before they turn into major ones.

Use our spring roofing checklist to ensure that your roof is in good condition.

Outside Roof Check

Many roofing problems can be detected from the outside. Watch out for:

  • Loose or exposed nails
  • Shingles that are split, curled or bubbled up
  • Loose or missing shingles
  • Loose shingles at ridge lines
  • Shingles with missing granules
  • Sagging or bulging
  • Cracked or missing caulk on flashing
  • Flashing that is damaged or missing
  • Rusted metal flashing
  • Dry rot
  • Broken seals
  • Cracks in the chimney
  • Damaged gutters or downspouts
  • Rotted or damaged fascia board

Inside Roof Check/Attic Check

When inspecting your roof, head into the attic to look for any of the following problems:

  • Leaks around the chimney, vents, etc.
  • Sagging between rafters
  • Cracks on roof sheathing
  • Proper ventilation
  • Signs of moisture
  • Visible light from the outside
  • Signs of damage from pests

Even problems that seem minor, such as small cracks or cracked shingles, need to be addressed right away. Fixing problems and keeping up with standard roof maintenance is the best way to ensure the longevity of your roof.

If you are unable to safely access your roof or you are uncertain about your ability to detect problems, contacting a professional roofing company is advised. At 1derful Roofing, our Denver roofing contractors are here to help with all of your spring roofing maintenance needs in the Denver area.

For help with roof repair this spring, please give us a call now at 303-984-7663.