Articles and info on replacing your roof, whether for your home or business.

Common Roofing Mistakes

3 Roofing Mistakes to Avoid

If you need a new roof, you likely have a lot of questions. Should I do it myself, or should I hire a professional roofing contractor? Can I save money by purchasing materials myself? These are excellent questions, and they are definitely worth considering. Making the wrong decision could cost you a lot of money […]

How to Tell If Your Roof Is Failing

How To Tell If My Roof Is Failing

As a roofing company, one of the most common questions we get asked is: “How do I know if my roof is failing?” Replacing your roof is a major investment, so it is understandable that most homeowners do not want to do so until absolutely necessary. Unfortunately, waiting until your roof completely fails could lead […]

New Roof in Denver

Getting a New Roof? Here’s What to Expect

What To Expect When Replacing Your Roof You’ve decided to get a new roof for your home from 1derful Roofing. Congratulations! You’ve made an excellent decision. Though we will be taking care of all of the hard work, there are a few things you should know just so you understand the process and how to […]